Mediateca BDIV

TETRARC, Biblioteca di quartiere a Fougères

  • Azzurra Macrì


Fougères, a Breton town of medieval origin, opens to contemporary architecture: a history of fortifications, towers, castles, and embattled bell towers houses now and is enhanced by a new page, the BDIV Media Library – Departmental Library of Ille et Vilaine. Created by TETRARC, an architectural firm based in Nantes, the building becomes a new benchmark for the city: for it, to attract and seduce it, it develops, with light and environment, a trick of interactions, of constant changes and variations in light able to narrate architecture intended as a living and continuously changing body.

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Macrì, A. (2011). Mediateca BDIV: TETRARC, Biblioteca di quartiere a Fougères. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 20(2). Recuperato da