La progettazione incessante

Mario Chiavetta

  • Marcello Panzarella Università di Palermo
Parole chiave: architecture, planning


In his search for the way to pray incessantly, the Russian pilgrim will find an enlightened monk, a great mystic expert, willing to teach him the words and method of incessant prayer, not only a current practice, but also and above all a longed-for spiritual goal, towards which his guide will lead him step by step, along the path that will lead him to know how to transfer first from lips to tongue, then from mouth to mind, and finally to heart, the five simple words of the prayer of salvation to be addressed to Christ.

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Panzarella, M. (2020). La progettazione incessante: Mario Chiavetta. AND Rivista Di Architetture, Città E Architetti, 34(2). Recuperato da